The GOzeebo is SylvanSport’s answer to the screen room. Not content to just make a mesh tent, GOzeebo’s 3-in-1 design can be used as a screen room, a large family tent or a portable open air gazebo. All with the versatility, quality and design that you’ve come to expect from SylvanSport. You can even use the GO’s popular accessories in the GOzeebo to organize, store, protect and make it comfy. Rain or shine, when you need a large, easy to use shelter, the GOzeebo is there for you…either by itself or attached to your GO! Oh, did we mention that your GO awning can be attached to any of the four sides? It can.

3 Ways to GOzeebo

Screen Room

If you like mosquitos, black flies and no see ums, then the GOzeebo may not be for you. The cavernous 7.4 sq m + 2.4 m center height is like a fortress against the evils of the insect world. Bug season & picnics? Could it really be? We think so!

Family Tent

Invite the in-laws (or not). The GOzeebo is fully waterproof, stable in high winds and roomy enough that you can toss and turn without keeping everyone else up all night. Spare bedroom for your GO? You bet!


How many sides do you want your gazebo to have? If you answered 0 to 4, than you might just be ready to GOzeebo. Open up all 4 full-sized doors to create an airy gazebo or close 1 side to block the wind or sun. Or 2 sides for a little more privacy. Who thought a gazebo could be so versatile? Well, it is a GOzeebo!

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