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With the GO Easy ultralight trailer, adventures are abound and getting there is half the fun.

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An Adventure Utility Trailer for the Journey Ahead

Welcome to the coolest Adventure-Utility Trailer on the market. The SylvanSport GO-Easy is an amazing “roof rack on wheels” for all your boat, bike and gear hauling needs.

The SylvanSport GO Easy is the Ultimate Adventure Gear trailer for carrying bikes, kayaks and cargo of all sorts. When we developed the GO Easy, we wanted to combine all of the ways that people carry their gear from truck racks to roof racks to cargo boxes and bring all of that functionality into one convenient, easy-to-use package…that looks sleek too. The real beauty of the GO Easy is a combination of functional elements and engineering design that creates a piece of gear that is both easy and fun to use. Simply load up the GO Easy and when you get off work, hit the road with a click on the trailer hitch and boom you’re gone. While there are countless ways to get to the trailhead or put in, there is only one way to GO Easy.

Only one thing could make this an even better adventure trailer… what if it were also a camper? Stay tuned!

Low Profile

With a crossbar height under 36″, the GO Easy allows you to load all of your gear both comfortably and safely. So, whether it’s a 120lb fishing kayak or a 16lb road bike, getting packed up is just a matter of lifting your gear to waist level (or lower) and you’re good to GO…Easy.


The GO Easy is ultra-lightweight at a svelte 280lbs (127kg). From a Toyota Prius to a Class B RV, the GO Easy is the ultimate gear carrier for all of your adventures. With its lightweight, low profile/aerodynamic design and custom tuned Dexter torsion axles (so it doesn’t bounce down the road), the GO Easy is a breeze to tow…and it won’t kill your gas mileage!


The GO Easy was designed for adventure, but sometimes we have to work before we play. The great thing about these versatile trailers is that they aren’t afraid of a hard day’s work! Play, work…or both. The GO Easy has you covered.


We understand that storage space can be a high commodity, no matter what size your home. That’s why we designed the GO Easy to be tilted on its back end and stored upright. This only takes up 8 sq ft in your garage.

Step 1: Essential vs Ultimate

GO Easy Essential

With a durable, powder-coated steel frame and a lot of rack space, this is the GO-Easy Essential – Adventure-Utility Trailer. Complete with Thule 78″ crossbars, the GO Easy is ready for you to add on bike and kayak mounts. This is an amazing “roof rack on wheels” with style. Designed to fit your needs, as well as your budget!

GO Easy Ultimate

With the molded Front Storage Pod, Aluminum Diamond-Plate Deck and Tailgate Net, the GO Easy Ultimate Adventure Trailer is the ultimate in boat, bike and gear hauling trailers. With a purposefully designed Kayak Hatch Cover at it’s opening, the Front Storage Pod provides weatherproof storage for your valuable items. Add on your favorite bike and kayak mounts to the included Thule 78″ crossbars.

Step 2: Boats vs Bikes

GO Easy: Boats

Kayaks, canoes, bilge boats and whatever else you can throw at it, the GO Easy is easy to load and easy to use. GO Easy makes it easier than ever to get your boat in and out of the water so you can relax and have fun. Waterproof wiring also lets you back the GO Easy right into the water like a mini boat trailer. With one of these adventure trailers in your garage, you will no longer risk straining your back hoisting your boat on or off your car’s roof rack! Carry up to 6 whitewater kayaks (click here to see the full range of carrying options).

  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS (w/o tongue): 120 x 62 x 35 in / 305 x 157.5 x 89 cm
  • CARGO AREA: 44 x 43 x 15 in (17.6 cu ft) / 112 x 109 x 38 cm (.49 cu m)
  • STORAGE POD CAPACITY: 6.2 cu ft / .17 cu m
  • WEIGHT: Essential – 235lbs/106.6kg | Ultimate – 305lbs/138.3kg
  • CARGO CAPACITY: 525 lbs

GO Easy: Bikes

Mountain bike, road bike, cyclocross, fixie, single speed or beach cruiser, whatever style you like to ride, GO Easy can get you and your bikes there. Transport your bikes and gear to any site, safely and securely. Dexter Torsion Axles are custom tuned to the lighter carrying loads of bikes and bike gear. Carry up to 7 road bikes.

  • OVERALL DIMENSIONS (w/o tongue): 120 x 62 x 35 in / 305 x 157.5 x 89 cm
  • CARGO AREA: 44 x 43 x 15 in (17.6 cu ft) / 112 x 109 x 38 cm (.49 cu m)
  • STORAGE POD CAPACITY: 6.2 cu ft / .17 cu m
  • WEIGHT: Essential – 235lbs/106.6kg | Ultimate – 305lbs/138.3kg
  • CARGO CAPACITY: 325 lbs

Step 3: Have Fun & GO Easy

High Tech Details of the GO Easy

We designed every component of the GO Easy for lightweight, durability and easy of use.

Steel Frame

Steel is real. It’s not just what you use, it’s how you use it. We use high grade steel for both the frame and tongue of the GO Easy. This creates a strong skeleton that also allows the tongue to be easily removed for convenient storage. The tubular design makes it easy on the hands and your gear.

Molded Components

Lightweight and durability are key aspects of the GO Easy. That’s why we use roto-molded polyethylene for the storage box, side panels and tailgate on the GO Easy Ultimate. Completely waterproof and maintenance-free, our molded components are made from the same material and process as whitewater kayaks, so you can feel confident that they can handle whatever you can throw at it.

Powder Coating

Sure, we could have just painted the steel tubing and let you deal with the peeling and corrosion, but that’s not what we do here at SylvanSport. To protect the steel frame of the GO Easy, we apply a heavy duty powder coating in grey or bright green. Not only does this provide durable protection, but also gives the GO Easy a cool, sleek look.

Diamond Plate Deck

Kid tested, mother approved. The Diamond Plate Deck of the GO Easy Ultimate provides a durable platform for your gear that is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The raised pattern also provides slip resistance for you and your cargo.


The GO Easy comes standard with Dexter Torsion Axles. Custom-tuned to the lightweight of the GO Easy, torsion axles provide a smooth ride, whether you’re loaded down or not. With standard leaf spring suspension, the GO Easy would bounce all over the place while driving down the road. We tune the GO Easy Bike and GO Easy Boat to different specs to provide the best ride possible whether your preference is on land or on the water.


Sometimes loading and unloading big, heavy kayaks and canoes can be a chore. To make the GO Easy as user friendly as possible, we made sure the wiring harness and lights are completely waterproof so you can use it like a mini boat trailer. If you have boat ramp access, simply back the GO Easy right into the water and slide your boats off. That’s how you GO Easy.

I want to GO Easy!

The Go
Easy Difference

It takes a lot of hard work to make it look so easy. We created the GO Easy with a simple mission: build the best lightweight adventure-utility trailer in the world. It had to carry multiple bikes, multiple boats, and lots of gear. Plus, it had to be robust and built to last.

The end result? The GO Easy fits your needs AND your budget and is made from premium US-supplied materials with a steel frame that is lightweight, super-strong, and powder-coated for durability. The GO Easy is a fine-tuned piece of technical gear, made to work for you. Choose the package that’s right for your lifestyle and carry up to a half dozen bikes or boats.

Adventure. Enabled


Weight Metric Imperial
GO Easy Essential 107kg 235lbs
Go Easy Ultimate 138kg 305lbs
Polished Aluminium Diamond-Plate cargo Deck 15kg 33lbs
Weatherproof Front Storage Box 10kg 23lbs
Dimensions Metric Imperial
GO-Easy 305 x 157.5 x 89 cm 120 x 62 x 35 in
Polished Aluminium Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck 112 x 109 x 38 cm 44 x 43 x 15 in
Standard length tongue 6.35 D x 114 L cm 2.5 D x 45 L in
Extended length tongue 6.35 D x 190.5 L cm 2.5 D x 75 L in
Storage Capacity Metric Imperial
Polished Aluminium Diamond-Plate Cargo Deck .49 m3 17.6 ft3
Weatherproof Front Storage Pod .17 m3 6.2 ft3

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