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Looking for the perfect pop up camper for your adventures? Check out the SylvanSport GO—a lightweight, state of the art, modern tent camper designed specifically for active outdoor enthusiasts! GO is also a hardcore gear hauling trailer capable of carrying up to a dozen bikes or kayaks, a motorcycle, an ATV, or any combination of outdoor gear up to almost 453 kilograms! The GO pop up camper is so versatile and adventure-ready that National Geographic named it the “Coolest. Camper. Ever.”

GO Pop Up Camping Trailer For Sale

Check Out GO Pop Up Campers with GO Adventures

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. GO is an incredibly versatile camper trailer loaded with cutting edge features that will make your hauling and camping enjoyable and hassle free! Contact GO Adventures at [email protected], we encourage you to experience this break-the-mold pop up camper for yourself. You won’t find another camper trailer that’s so lightweight, durable, fun, and easy to use. And all at a reasonable price!

How To Buy a GO Pop Up Camper

Contact GO Adventures at [email protected] for pricing and availability. We’ve designed this site so you can explore all the ways GO can open up adventure for you. Check it out. See what you can do with the versatility of three completely different configurations—Transport, Travel, and Camping Mode. Or see how GO supports your favorite outdoor activity, whether that’s camping, kayaking, biking, or other adventures. Feel free to get in touch with our knowledgeable, New Zealand based customer service team with any questions. Then go for it! GO is available for sale in New Zealand and ready for your adventures!

Why GO is the Best Pop Up Camper For Sale Anywhere

GO isn’t your typical bulky, heavy RV or camper or trailer. This is the new generation of pop up campers. Here are some of the top reasons why GO is the best pop up camper out there:

  • Less is more. You want to get to where the adventure is happening without spending a fortune on gas or putting heavy wear and tear on your vehicle. We design GO to be light, streamlined, and aerodynamic for easy, efficient towing.
  • GO is a powerful gear trailer capable of hauling an impressive array of adventure equipment—boats, bikes, an ATV, a motorcycle, you name it! You can haul your gear in Travel Mode, which is the most compact, or Transport Mode, which offers the most capacity.
  • It serves as a utility trailer, too—so you’re ready for the toughest moving, hauling, home improvement and outdoor jobs. Sometimes you need to transport a stack of kayaks, sometimes you need to haul a fridge. Either way, GO is up for it.
  • GO easily pops up into a comfortable camper tent with plenty of room for four or more. Plus, you can enjoy an extra 80” of covered space under the awning, so you can enjoy your camping trip regardless of the weather.
  • You can tow GO with even a small vehicle. If you’ve got four cylinders and a hitch, you can pull a GO. Many GO owners drive Subarus, sedans, hybrids, even Mini Coopers!

Ready to go for it? Get your GO now.

Disclaimer: SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines set forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, or create an unsafe or uncomfortable situation. [For more information, refer to Terms, Section 4].

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